These Crypto Projects Could Protect Against AI Overreach In Jobs


According to a recent artificial intelligence (AI) report, companies that invest in AI in 2023 will demand their investments start paying off in 2024. However, such investments may encourage the scaling and centralization of AI power, a problem some crypto projects like Bittensor could fix.

Many large corporate entities have tested the use of AI for routine or mundane tasks and have seen the tools impact productivity. At his AI summit in Bletchley Park last year, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was told by Elon Musk that AI will take over all jobs.

How Corporate Jobs Will Concentrate AI Power

In the meantime, most companies have plowed headlong into developing strategies to use AI. However, the mass adoption created a demand that saw a handful of players snap up most of the market share. While this boosted companies’ stock prices, the demand could concentrate power on a handful of companies developing AI for corporate applications. 

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Last year, OpenAI’s board fired CEO Sam Altman partially because of strategies for commercial expansion that the board didn’t like. Altman also reportedly talked with former Apple designer Jony Ive about creating an iPhone experience for AI, hinting that OpenAI may be angling for AI use to reach the iPhone scale. Meta is reportedly working on a new set of AI glasses that respond to voice prompts. 

According to Accenture CEO Julie Sweet, some companies are not ready for AI yet. Most corporations don’t have a policy to manage their internal data. The average CEO does not know how AI uses his company’s data.

How Crypto Can Fix This

All of this is alarming because it places control of AI applications in the hands of a few powerful entities with access to sensitive data. And to underscore the power they hold, OpenAI’s board re-hired Sam Altman following pressure from big CEOs, including Microsoft’s Satya Nadella and Salesforce’s Marc Benioff. Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI attracted the attention of the UK Competition and Markets Authority, which is probing the alliance for anti-competitive behavior. 

A niche of the crypto industry may be able to solve this problem. The concept of decentralized physical infrastructure networks got the crypto community’s attention in 2023 for its applications in artificial intelligence. 

Organizations like Bittensor and Render are expected to ramp up efforts to decentralize the computing resources needed to develop business AI software.

Last year, Hatu Sheikh, the co-founder and CMO of DAO Maker, said that AI crypto projects could benefit from gamified economics where people could offer AI resources in exchange for crypto, also creating a form of decentralization. Render’s RNDR token is up over 1,100% compared to a year ago and is on an uptrend. 

RNDR Token Price | Source: BeInCrypto

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